Photographic Products

After each shoot you will have a DVD or a USB key with your photos in high resolution. Digital files are the most convenient way to store, transfer and play back images, but often the media on which they are stored leave them in a drawer or let them dust on a shelf. Not to mention that the sensations coming from a digital image, even if viewed on the best screen in the world, pale in front of the emotions of browsing, touching, and living your printed photos daily.

So here’s a small list of photographic products that you can select to complete your photo service:

  • Professional fine art prints – Capable of giving life to images in a unique and elegant way. Available in different sizes.
  • Photo Albums – They are the completion of what a photographic service is: telling a story, a moment, an event, and returning them whenever you want. I offer my clients only high quality albums and photo books, customizable in every aspects, from the cover, to the internal and external graphics, for the materials to be realized.
  • Photo pictures – Available on different material: canvas, photo panel, aluminum, acrylic glass, fine art.